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As of this writing, we're currently using a software called BigBlueButton to replace until Alcorn State acquires its more permanent solution for live online lecturing software. This article will show you how to make BigBlueButton work on your mobile device (iOS/Android device).


Please note that the bold text indicates text that you will see on your mobile device's screen.

  1. First add/install the Puffin Browser on your device. It can be found in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The links are below:
  2. For instructions on installing apps to your mobile device, please consult the manual that came with your mobile device.
  3. Next, open the Puffin browser.
  4. In the Puffin browser, go to or
  5. In the course you wish to find the live online lecture link, click on Conferences in the Course Navigation.
  6. On the Conferences page, look for the conference named for the date & time your instructor said you’d meet. To the right of that conference, you should see, and click, a Join button. A new tab will pop up in your browser loading the session.
  7. Once the Conference has been loaded, you’ll see a popup asking how you wish to listen in on the Conference. Choose Microphone if you have a microphone or PC headset and wish to talk in class. If you don’t have a microphone or PC headset yet, you can choose Listen In.
  8. Follow any prompts on the screen to Allow or Enable your microphone to be used and follow the instructions to test your microphone and/or speakers on your device.

After all prompts have been followed you will be in the session just as you would on a desktop computer running Windows or macOS.

CAUTION: Though we are offering these steps to you for getting into your live online lectures with mobile devices, please do understand that Instructure (the folks that make Canvas) and Blind Side Networks (the folks that partner with the Canvas folks to give us BigBlueButton) consider this method as an unofficially supported methoda and CITS has -- after some initial tests -- considered BigBlueButton access via Puffin a conditionally supported method of access. This means that, though CITS will put in our best effort to make your mobile device work with BigBlueButton, we cannot guarantee successful service of your device.

Per usual, we continue to recommend that you use and/or have access to a desktop/laptop computer with Windows 7+ or macOS as your primary device for use with online courses.

You can learn more about CITS' support status for BigBlueButton on mainstream mobile devices at

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