Appropriate Use of Computing and Networking Facilities

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Appropriate use of ASU computing and networking facilities includes:

*the support of instructional activities (e.g., to complete class projects or conduct activities relevant to class work).

*the support of institutionally sponsored research, including thesis work.

*the support of independent study and research by authorized users.

*the facilitation of official work of state and university offices, departments, agencies, and sanctioned campus organizations.

ASU computing and networking facilities are not to be used for commercial purpose or financial

gain except in pre-approved circumstances. ASU computing and networking facilities are not to be

used for partisan political purposes. Because ASU computing and networking facilities serve

diverse purposes and diverse constituencies, rules for use may vary somewhat across systems and

labs. Activities having valid educational benefits, but which are not specifically tied to class work

or research, are generally allowed: however, they may be limited or banned on certain systems at

the discretion of CITS management, according to system load and system function. For example,

due to the limited number of stations, game playing in ASU labs is strictly prohibited, unless the

activity is required as part of a university course. System and lab dependent policies are

communicated to users through on-line messages, news items, and lab postings. Compliance with

the ASU Appropriate Use Policy requires compliance with all system and lab dependent policies.

Misuse or abuse of ASU computing and networking facilities is a violation of the ASU Appropriate

Use Policy; violators are subject to the suspension or revoking of computing privileges, disciplinary

action, and criminal prosecution in cases of violations of state or federal law.

Taken from the ASU Appropriate Use Policy form: Version 1.3 November 1995, May 1998, July 2003, Dec. 2003

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