Running Banner in Windows 8 - 8.1 or Upgraded Versions of Java

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Running INB Banner requires the use of Oracle Forms which depends on Java being installed on the client PC. The version of Java on the Banner servers (1.6.x) is an older version which has been replaced several times to correct security issues. The current Java version (1.7.x) is being rolled out to users via the automatic updating feature of Java. Due to the fact that Java is not backward compatible, there can be several different versions running on a machine at a time. This is causing the browser a bit of confusion as to which one to run when it tries to start Banner.

Java attempts to handle this by allowing the application to run in the version closest to what is running on the server. The problem is, because the newer version is installed, it disables a good bit of the functions in the older version – functions that Banner needs to start. We get issues like the black white page or Java starting and then crashing with an error message. We have done some testing and came up with a procedure that works on Windows 8-8.1 with Java 7.


1. Uninstall ALL java installations and restart the computer.

2. Install Java 7. Be sure to uncheck the option to install the McAfee Security Scan Plus when prompted.

3. Upon the initial run of Banner, you will get the following error:

After clicking OK, you get:

Java’s security settings are preventing Banner from opening.

4. To correct this, go to the control panel and open the Java applet.

5. Click the “Security” tab and then under “Exception Site List” click “Edit Site List…”

6. In the “Exception Site List” window, Click add and then enter “” (without the quotes) into the new line. OK out of this window. Ok out of the Java control panel applet.

7. Open the browser and Navigate to Banner. The first time it runs, it will display the following Security warning. Click the check next to “I accept the risk and want to run this application” and then click “Run”.

8. Oracle Fusion Middleware should load and you should be able to access Banner.

Please Note:

On some machines with up to date browsers, the initial redirect is not working. When you enter into the address bar, it stops right there with a blank screen and does not proceed. We are working with Ellucian to find a fix for this. In the meantime, make a shortcut on the user’s computer that goes to this address:

We have not looked at how this affects ELM or BDMS.

If you want more information on the new security setting in Java 7 and how it impacts our applications, please see following article:

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