Connected Classroom Project Information

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This project started as an initiative and collaboration between CITS and Library. The library’s media center was upgraded with from a smart board to digital lecture recording capability and was used as a prototype for expanding smart classroom technology across campus. Connected Classroom Phase I and Phase II was an initiative and collaboration with the Office of Title III, Department of Education, and CITS, and the connected classroom project was expanded.

The proposed smart classrooms are intended to create an environment that is more conducive to interactive and cooperative learning, allowing students to benefit from computerized tutorials and other technological–assisted instructional tools. Various levels of smart instructional and audio visual technology was deployment a cross 21 classrooms to include the Department of Education, Fine Arts, Biology, Bio-Technology, Health & PE.

During the fall semesters, faculty that are assigned to these classrooms are given the opportunity to attend weekly workshops to provide training and assistance with using the technology.

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