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For some Quizzes/Exams/Tests you take in the Canvas system, you may be required to use the LockDown Browser (LDB) in order to take it. You can get LockDown Browser for your computer in one of three (3) ways:

Method 1: The Canvas Help Page

Go to and scroll down to the link for the LockDown Browser download there.

Method 2: Canvas Global Navigation

In Canvas, in the purple bar on the left, you can click on where it says Help and in the panel that pops out, you should see a LockDown Browser link on your screen.

Illustration of Method 2

Method 3: In the Quiz Itself

In your Canvas course, attempt to take the Quiz that requires LockDown Browser, and upon clicking the purple Take the Quiz button, you should see a message saying that the Quiz requires LockDown Browser…. And you should also see in that message a link to download LockDown Browser.

The general flow of using LDB is explained in the Overview video on the same page where you download LDB itself.

Alternate Devices

Though CITS strongly recommends the use of a desktop/laptop computer running Windows 10 or macOS as their main device when using Canvas, it is possible, if needed, to take an LDB Quiz using an iPad or a Chromebook (if your instructor allows it; they have to check a box on their end to allow LDB to be used with an iPad or Chromebook per Quiz). Read on to learn the steps for each of these devices:

Getting LockDown Browser for iPad

  1. Download and install the "LockDown Browser" app from the Apple App Store to the iPad. (Requires iOS 11 or higher.)
    Go to the LockDown Browser app in the Apple App Store

Using LockDown Browser for iPad for the first time

  1. Launch the LockDown Browser app.
  2. Click the Setup button. The first time the app is used, you will be prompted to select your institution and server (shown below).
  3. Once the setup is complete, you will be directed to your institution's login page. Log in with your full email address (e.g., or as your username and the password you use for your Alcorn Student Email Account as your password.
  4. Navigate to your course and Quiz, and begin your Quiz as you normally would, following any additional instructions on screen, if given.

Getting LockDown Browser for Chromebooks

To get LDB For Chromebooks, you can either use Method 1 above or go directly to the link below. The same link used for desktop/laptop computers will automatically detect whether the computer clicking the link is a Chromebook and redirect to the page where you download and install the LockDown Browser for Chromebook Extension:

Download LockDown Browser for Chromebook

If you run into issues with any/all of these methods, please email for assistance.

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