How to Log in To Dorm Wi-Fi (ASUResNet)

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The following steps explain how to log in to the ASUResNet wi-fi network, but before actually logging in, you'll need to get your own private passphrase to successfully log in. To do that:

(please note that words in bold are words that you should see on your screen)

  1. First, go to the Alcorn web page at
  2. In the black bar at the top, move your mouse over where it says STUDENTS. A gray menu will appear below.
  3. In the gray menu, click/tap on STUDENT PORTAL.

  1. On the Student Portal page, click/tap on Wireless Access. This should bring you to the Gold Services Credential System page, where you...
  2. log in with your GoldID and password (the same username and password that you use for your Alcorn Student Email Account and/or Blackboard Learn). If you don't know how your GoldID or password, you can click here to learn more about how to get started with your GoldID.
  3. Next, you'll be brought to a page that contains your Wifi Passphrase for connecting to the ASUResNet network. Please, do not give out your passphrase to anyone else. If a fellow student needs one, please share this article with him/her or have him/her call 601-877-6182 for assistance.

  1. Open the wifi dialog on your device. If you're in range, then you should see a network listed called ASUResNet. Choose ASUResNet to connect to it.
  2. Next, you should be prompted to enter a network key or network security key. Enter the passphrase you got in Step 6.

If you've done all of these steps correctly, you should now be logged in to the ASUResNet network. If you're having trouble with following these steps, please do call the CITS HelpDesk at 601-877-6182 for assistance.

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