How to Log In to Your Temporary (Temp) Blackboard Learn Account

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Under special circumstances, some Blackboard Learn users are provided with a temporary (temp) account to allow access to courses until their active accounts are repaired. If you are given a temp account, then it's important to know that you don't log in to Blackboard Learn in the same way that you would do with your normal Alcorn account. The steps listed below walk you through logging in to your temp account:

Please note that the bold text indicates text that you should see on your computer screen.

  1. Go to the Blackboard Login page at
  2. On the login page, scroll down until you see the announcement titled "Temp Account Users". Click the link that says please click here to log in.
  3. The page will reload and show two large textboxes -- one for a USERNAME and one for a PASSWORD. Enter your temp account username and temp account password there.
  4. Click the big blue Login button.

If you've entered your temp account's username and password properly, then you should now be logged in to your temp account.

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