How to Troubleshoot a Computer That Won't Start

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If you are having difficulty with starting your computer, follow the steps below.


  1. If your desktop computer does nothing at all when you try to start it, first check that the power cable is securely plugged in at the back of the computer as well as into a working power outlet. It's amazing how often this is the case.
  2. If you're starting from a button on the keyboard, make sure the keyboard is connected to the computer.
  3. If the computer is plugged into a surge protector, see if the surge protector has a reset switch that you can push. (If it doesn't have a reset switch and the problem is with the surge protector, it will need to be replaced.) Try plugging a lamp or other device into one of the surge protector's outlets to make sure it's working.
  4. If you can hear the computer's fan or hard-disk drive, or if you can see indicator lights on the main unit but the monitor stays dark, make sure that the monitor is connected to a working power source, that it's turned on and that it's securely connected to the computer via the video cable.
  5. If the monitor and computer have power but the computer still does not come on,contact CITS at 601-877-6182.

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