Known Issue - I Can't Connect to asuwifi

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Please note that the bold text indicates text that you should see somewhere on your computer screen.

  1. Get Mozilla Firefox on your computer. If you already have Firefox, please skip to step #8.
  2. Connect to the asuguestwifi network.
  3. Next, open any web browser and go to
  4. On the firefox webpage, click the green Free Download button to download Mozilla Firefox (often called Firefox for short).
  5. Once you've saved the installer to your computer, open the installer file and follow the instructions to install Firefox on your computer.
  6. When Firefox opens for the first time asking what to import, be sure to choose Don't import anything. You can import settings from another browser at later time.
  7. Next, disconnect from the asuguestwifi network.
  8. Connect to the asuwifi network. You may get a window like the one below. Just click somewhere outside of this window to cancel it out.
  9. Next, if Firefox isn't open already, open up Firefox.
  10. Pick a website to go to -- any website you want. A page that says Your connection is not secure should appear.
  11. Click on the Advanced button.

  12. Scroll down and click the Add Exception button. A small window will pop up.
  13. In the small pop-up window, click on the Confirm Security Exception button.

  14. Next, you should be taken to the asuwifi login page, as usual. Once you log in from here, you can browse the web as you normally do.

If you have trouble with completing these steps, please call 601-877-6182 or visit Room 315 or Room 316 in the Walter Washington Administration Building on the Lorman campus for assistance.

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