How to Access Campus Wi-Fi


On Alcorn's campuses, Wi-Fi is currently provided in many locations but requires a passphrse. This article covers how to get your Wi-Fi passphrase to use with Alcorn's Wi-Fi networks to gain internet access on campus.


  1. Go to the Alcorn website at
  2. In the menu, in the upper-right corner, move your mouse over where it says Students or Faculty/Staff. Moving your mouse over either will make a gray menu appear. In the gray menu, click on Wireless Services.
  3. On the next page, log in with your Alcorn Email address and password to your Alcorn Email account.

After these steps, you should see a page that shows you your Wi-Fi Passphrase. Be careful not to give this to others as this passphrase is meant only for your access and can only be used on up to 5 devices. The Wi-Fi Passphrase can be used to access the AlcornWiFi and ASUResNet networks.

If you have problems with these steps, you can call 601-877-6182 or email for assistance.

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