Installing Java on Your Computer

You can follow the steps below in order to install the Java software on your computer.

You will need to have Java installed on your computer to access Elluminate Live. If you do not have Java installed on your computer, you may click here to install it.

1. After navigating to the Java website, click on the red Free Java Download button.

2. You will then be taken to a page that will ask if you agree to the terms and conditions. If you agree after reading the End user license agreement, click on the red button that says: Agree and Start Free Download.

3. You may receive a pop up window somewhere on your screen which may look like this:

If you want to run the installer, click Run.

Installing later: Or if you want to save the file for later installation, click Save. Select the folder location and save the file to your system. Note: It is best to save the file to a known location on your computer. Ex. Your desktop. Then to run it later, double-click on the saved file (wherever you saved it) to start the installation process.

Please note, to install now, you will need to click on "Run".

4. After installing, you may then see the following prompt at the bottom of your screen (this is ok, continue to wait):

Note: If you are prompted by a window saying: Java SE Runtime Environment wants to make changes to your computer, click Allow or Yes. The publisher should be verified as: Oracle America, Inc.

5. Now the setup window will appear. Click the Install button to accept the license terms and in order to continue with the installation.

6. You will see the program downloading. Wait for it to finish.

NOTE: Oracle has partnered with companies that offer various products; therefore, the installer may present you with an option to install these programs when you install Java. These are completely optional. After the desired programs are selected (if you choose), click the Next button to continue the installation.

7. After the installation is complete, you will see this box. You may click Close.

Please note: In some cases, you may need to restart (close and re-open) your browser to allow and complete the Java installation in your browser.

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