Recording Mid-Term Grades

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(Please note that the bold text indicates text that you should see on your computer screen).

  1. Go to the Alcorn State website at
  2. Click on Faculty/Staff in the upper-right area of the Alcorn homepage.
  3. Click on Banner Online Services.
  4. Click on Faculty Services.
  5. Next, click on Term Selection.
  6. On the next page, Use the dropdown menu to Select a Term (semester) that contains the course you're saving mid-term grades for.
  7. Next, click on Submit.
  8. Now, click on CRN Selection
  9. Use the dropdown menu to pick the CRN for the course section in which you're saving mid-term grades.
  10. Click the Submit button.
  11. Click on Summary Class List.
  12. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Midterm link.
  13. Click on “Enter”.
  14. Go to the Grade column
  15. Click on the drop down arrow and select the appropriate grade for each student.
  16. Once all grades are selected for the class, click Submit.
  17. Repeat Steps 8 through 16 for any additional classes.

If you have trouble with these steps, you can get service via the Faculty/Staff Customer Service form linked below:
View the Office of Student Records Faculty/Staff Customer Service Form

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