How do I turn off conversation view in Outlook Web Access for webmail

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The default view presented by Exchange 2010's Outlook Web is Conversation view. By grouping messages from a single conversation together, the new Conversation View enables users to quickly identify the most recent messages and related responses. Conversation View is always preserved, even if individual email messages are located in different folders in the mailbox. By treating an entire group of messages as a single conversation, they can be managed, ignored, moved or deleted as a whole. New messages that are part of a conversation the user has chosen to mark as “ignore” are set straight to the deleted items folder.

To turn off conversation view:

  1. Login to the Outlook Web App at
  2. Click "View".
  3. Uncheck Conversation in the Arrange by dropdown menu.

When the box is unselected conversation view is turned off. It will take affect automatically. Check the box to turn it back on.

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