All there is to know about email.

  • Adding an Email Signature

    Guide to adding the official email signature to your outlook email account.

  • How to Backup Outlook Email

    Users may have thousands of emails they consider important or irreplaceable. If you have important messages and use Microsoft Outlook 2010 as your email client application, you should back up your mail folders and store them on a separate drive to avoid loss due to hardware failure or viruses. With Outlook 2010, saving your mail and settings requires only a few mouse clicks. 

  • How to Set Rules in Outlook Calendar

    This article describes the process of setting up folders and a rule in the outlook calendar that would allow the email message to go directly to that specific folder.

  • How do I turn off conversation view in Outlook Web Access for webmail

    The default view presented by Exchange 2010's Outlook Web is Conversation view. This guide will show you how to disable conversation view in OWA 2010.

  • How to Send an Email on Behalf of Another Email Address in Outlook 2010

    This article will instruct you on how to send an email on behalf of another email address. Please ensure that you ask for permission from the one you are to send on behalf of first.

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