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  • Adding an Email Signature

    Guide to adding the official email signature to your outlook email account.

  • Setting Up Email on your iOS Device (for Students)

    This article is to inform students how to set up email on their iOS devices.

  • How to Setup Voicemail on the 4018

    Configuring your voicemail on the Alcatel Lucient 4018 telephone

  • How to Sync iTunes to iPad

    The Apple iPad is a mobile hardware device with a large display, a lightweight, slim design and long battery life. Like the iPod and iPhone, the iPad is capable of syncing to Apple iTunes software. Syncing allows users to share content purchased from iTunes with compatible mobile devices and to copy music, videos and other personal content between the iPad and the computer.

  • How to Troubleshoot a Computer That Won't Start

    A computer that won't start can be both alarming and infuriating, especially if you're on a deadline or you haven't been backing up all your data (like we all tend to do). Don't panic, though-this problem often has a simple solution.

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