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  • How to Install University Software

    CITS has a set of software that is reviewed, approved, acquired, and made available to all University members as official University software. This article explains how to install University software on your University computer.

  • How to Set Up Email on Your iOS Device (for Employees)

    This article walks you through the steps to add Alcorn Employee Email to your iOS device (e.g., iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

  • How to Approve HR Clearance

    Since early 2018, the HR Employee Exit Clearance process has been digitized. Part of this process consists of several departments/offices making approvals of the employee's clearance. This article delineates how to make an approval through the new digital process.

  • How to Move a Blackboard Learn Course Over To Canvas (Using a Bb Export)

    As a part of the transition to the Canvas system, you will want to pull your Blackboard course materials over into the Canvas system, but is that even possible? It is absolutely possible. This article will go over the steps for exporting a Blackboard Learn course to your computer as well as importing an exported Blackboard Learn course into your Canvas course.

  • Resetting a Canvas Course

    This article explains how to delete all course materials in a Canvas course using the Reset Course feature.

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