How stuff works at Alcorn...

Descriptions and explanations of the systems and services at the Center for Information Technology Services.

  • What is My ASU ID Number?

    Your ASU ID number, sometimes informally referred to as your A number, is an eight-digit number preceded by the letter "A" and is the number that Alcorn State University uses to identify you in its records and systems. You will often be asked for your ASU ID number throughout your tenure with the University to help staff quickly retrive your records. This article will tell you how to obtain your ASU ID number.

  • How to Log in To Dorm Wi-Fi (ASUResNet)

    Beginning September 2017, the Alcorn State CITS Network Team has deployed a new wi-fi network on campus -- ASUResNet. This article explains how to set up your device with the new wireless network.

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