• Local Administrative Rights

    As a matter of prudent data security policy, CITS does not extend administrative rights to local workstations to end users by default. This position is taken to insure the highest level of stability and security.  Computers are configured to a standard that provides for both environment that allows users to perform their daily responsibilities and prevents many support problems by insuring that changes are only made after testing and planning. 

    In this article:

    • Policy of Usage of Administrative Access

    • Limitations on Help Desk Support for administrative Account Holders

    • Procedure to Obtain Administrative Rights to a Local Workstation 

  • Software Supported

    CITS is responsible for providing access to software applications necessary for the University to carry out its mission. For the purposes of this document, access refers to acquiring, installing and supporting applications deemed mission critical by the TAC and, to varying degrees, applications requested by Schools and Departments. 

  • Installing Java on Your Computer

    This article will describe how to install Java on your computer.

  • CITS Enterprise Applications Compatibility Matrix

    This article shows the CITS Enterprise Applications OS/Browser Support and Compatibility Matrix.

  • (Faculty-Staff Only) I Need to Install Software

    If you are an Alcorn employee and you need to have software installed on one of the University's computers, but you are not able to do so, this article will inform you on what you will need to do.